'I Think You Should Leave' Season 3's trailer reveals even more guest stars and hilarious antics

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The trailer for season 3 of I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson is finally here, and it provides a quick glimpse of the future memes we’ll be quoting for years to come.

This sketch comedy series stars writer/co-creator Tim Robinson as he gets himself into the cringiest everyday scenarios possible, alongside a slew of guest stars and eccentric characters. By the looks of Season 3’s trailer, no over-the-top hijinks are off the table — an adult wearing a baby costume? Someone riding a dog at a party? A game show gone terribly wrong? It’s all in a typical day’s work for Robinson and friends.

In more good news, Season 3 of I Think You Should Leave also includes Ayo Edebiri, Patti Harrison, Jason Schwartzman, Will Forte, Tim Meadows, Fred Armisen, Sam Richardson, Mitra Jouhari, Tim Heidecker, Beck Bennett, Biff Wiff, Conner O’Malley, and Carmen Christopher as guest stars. 

Season 3 of I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson premieres May 30 on Netflix. 

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