'Succession' star Nicholas Braun's awkward story of meeting Quentin Tarantino is so Greg

Actor Nicholas Braun is interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Succession star Nicholas Braun is way more confident (and far less awkward) than his character Greg, but the traces are still there.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday, the actor told Kimmel about the time he met Quentin Tarantino on a plane when he was 21. Braun had just starred in a Disney Channel Original Movie (a “DCOM” as he calls it) that was advertised on the back of a magazine on the plane, so he ripped out the page and made his way back to first class to show the director and tell him he’d love to work together one day.

So has he bumped into Tarantino again since that slightly embarrassing moment? “Still waiting,” says Braun.

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